So here comes some BIG news!

Super Goldens will now be offering obedience classes with trainer Jeannine Dowdle! Classes will begin in January 2018.

Super Goldens Obedience Classes

With Trainer Jeannine Dowdle

As breeders for more than 25 years, we take pride in our dogs and our business. Because of this, will now be offering obedience classes here at our kennel for anyone that has bought a golden retriever pup from us, or our affiliates in Saratoga, NY or Plattsburgh, NY. We are breeders that are not only dedicated to breeding the best dogs, but also committed to having those dogs be some of the best of the breed. Everywhere you go, people will be amazed by how calm, well-mannered, intelligent, and well-trained your supergoldens are!

Jeannine Dowdle is a trainer out of Burnt Hills, NY. She has been passionate about Golden Retrievers since she trained her first dog (at age 12) to hunt with voice, whistle, and hand signals. She has since trained an additional five of her own Goldens to hunt, become AKC Canine Good Citizens, or certified Therapy Dogs. Jeannine has worked with many other Goldens from puppyhood, two of them out of our very own kennel. Her current dog, Jazz, is a certified therapy dog who works in schools and hospitals. With Jeannine’s training, she passed this rigorous test and her Canine Good Citizen test at the tender age of 13 months.

For those of you interested, we will be offering 6-week classes at the Super Goldens location. Each class will be 45 minutes. We will be limiting these classes to six dogs per class. The minimum amount of dogs to run a class would be four. All classes will be held on Sundays. The cost is $100 per dog for the 6-week class. The classes will begin in January 2018.

We will also be offering individual training sessions, which can be in-home or at the Super Goldens location. Please contact us for pricing.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign your new puppy up for a class, please call Julie at (518)321-5707. Registration will close on December 30, 2017. Late registrations will be accepted for an additional fee prior to the beginning of the sessions. You can also reach her by email at

Below are the classes that will be offered.

Puppy Pre-K

Sunday 9:30-10:15 AM

This is for puppies 8-14 weeks at start of class. THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO BEGIN TRAINING YOUR PUP! This is a class whose main purpose is to transition the pup from breeder to home. It offers a level of support that, to our knowledge, is not offered anywhere! It is so important to start off correctly instead of undoing problems. This class will help with housebreaking, getting a pup used to collar and leash, initial walking on leash, crate training, and controlling chewing . It will teach how to use positive verbal and physical rewards as well nutritionally sound treats. This class will help new families understand what developmentally appropriate expectations for a new pup are. We will do basic commands like come /here, sit, down, stay, leave it, wait, fetch, and stand. The emphasis will be on fun, short mini lessons. Unlike most traditional classes where only one handler is allowed, we invite entire families to attend (if they want), so the pup receives consistency from all members of its new pack. Basically, this is like puppy triage. Some of this will be based upon the needs of the family. Possible topics could be how to introduce the pup to other animals in the home, how children need to relate to their new furry friend, and how to increase the odds for a long healthy life by looking at environmental, nutritional ,and medical factors. Grooming basics and safe toy options will also be offered.

Puppy K

Sunday 10:45- 11:30 AM

For puppies ages 14-22 weeks at start of class. This class is similar to Puppy Pre –K. It will give support to help the pup transition to its forever home, and we will be troubleshooting any problems that have started to appear – things like chewing, mouthing, and not listening. Many of the same skills from Puppy Pre-K will be taught. We will do basic commands like come /here, sit, down, stay, leave it, wait, fetch, and stand, but we will add duration and distance. Some agility fun and socialization will be a part of this class. Again, multiple family members are welcome!

Primary Obedience

Sunday 12:00- 12:45 PM

For pups 6 months and older. This is for dogs that have had no prior experience to class. We will work on sit, down, stay, leave it, wait, here/come recall, and leash work as we get into heeling. Again, we will talk about what is developmentally appropriate and how rewards/incentives should be given for optimum results. We believe that consistency is key, so we will allow for more than one handler to take part in these classes, as more than one person will be working with the dog in your home!

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