Below are actual e-mails received from some of our clients.
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Hi Don,

We are coming up on Duke’s 1st birthday! We wanted to reach out and thank you guys once again on the heathy, sweet boy you gave us! We really couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He loves everyone he meets and is great with babies and little kids! It amazing to see how gentle he is with our 1 year old niece. He lets her tug on him and even shove her hands in his mouth! We send birthday wishes to all the puppies of Sasha and Bugatti’s litter!

Kate, Steve and Duke            -March 2018



Dear Don,

As we’re approaching the end of our first year with our sweet puppy, we wanted to let you know how over-the-moon in love with her we are. Barbara has been sweet, gentle, affectionate, and easily trained from the very first day we took her home — no doubt a testament to the great work done at Super Goldens. Barbara travelled across the United States with us this summer and made people smile from one end to the other. She is such a gift, and we are very thankful. (So thankful, in fact, we’re kicking around the idea of getting her a sister 🤔!)
Thank you, happy holidays, and happy new year!
— Lindsay, Nick, and Barbie 12/20/2017




Hello Don,  this is Sammi from the Kwok family.  We had the pleasure of purchasing a puppy from your 3/25/17 litter by Carly x Major.  Sorry it’s taking me so long to write back with an update, but things have been busy!

I want to thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!!! Our Gillyweed (Gilly for short) has developed into a young lady far above and beyond our expectations! Needless to say, we’ve fallen in love with the breed.

She is SO smart.  She has been attending puppy classes since she was 10 weeks old, and she’s been steadily progressing faster than any of her peers.  I’ve never met another young dog with such empathy and intuition as our Gilly.  Even our other dog, a grumpy old Dachshund, has grown to like her (we think).

I’ve attached a few recent pictures of Gilly.  I think she takes after her father, Major!  And if you or anyone in your family uses Instagram, we have an account dedicated to her where we post pictures regularly. The account is “missgillyweed”  🙂

Thanks so much, again!
-Sammi & the family 9/1/2017


Dear Don,
Tom and I would like to tell you how impressed with are with our two Supergoldens. Jazz is not only beautiful and bright but passed her Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen tests at 13 months. That is unheard of, especially for a Golden to have that level of control as a young puppy! She now works with me weekly at school and at Albany Med, spreading love and joy to all. Kyrie, our 9 week old is again beautiful calm,intelligent, and healthy. She learns so quickly and has no fears of people.objects, or noises. The neurological stimulation and desensitizing to noises and other stimuli make a tremendous difference in the development of your dogs. We are very impressed with your breeding program and have and will continue to recommend you highly. Thank you, Don. I am sure this is not our last Supergolden!

Jeannine and Tom D. 8/16/17


Hi Don,

My husband Tom and I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to bring home such an amazing puppy. We have had Maggie since the end of April and she’s been nothing but amazing! Everyone loves her and asks where we got her!! I have given your information to friends and family and raved about the clean, beautiful property you raise your beautiful Golden Retrievers on. We were extremely impressed with the whole experience and we want our friends and family who want a Golden to have the same experience we did. Maggie has been a great addition to our family. She’s fun and so smart, and has quite the personality. She keeps us laughing and so happy. She’s such a sweetheart and we love her so much. We know eventually she might need a friend so you never know, we might be back! Thank you again for being a great breeder and communicating with us up until the day we picked her up. She’s a wonderful pup and we look forward to watching her grow!

Rebecca and Tom, Manorville, NY  8/7/2017


Hi Don,

Steve and I wanted to give you an update on Duke and thank you again for our wonderful puppy. He is such a sweet, playful and loving puppy! He has filled our lives with so much happiness! He loves every person and dog he meets! He has also found a love for water, chasing bugs and watching birds.We recently went to his 2nd vet visit and he is a healthy puppy!

We have told all of our friends and family if they ever want a golden that must go to you! You made the process of getting a puppy so easy and comforting for us! We were completely new to the process of picking out a dog and owning one. You were always there to answer our questions and guide us!

We hope you, your family and all your dogs are having a great summer! Thank you again!!
Kate, Steve and Duke      7/9/2017


Dear Don,

I have been meaning to send this email for a while. The two of us are so overwhelmed with grief after Ammar’s loss we never got to do that.
When I researched a breeder to get a puppy for Ammar I went to a couple of professional organizations and to the net. I found your name. I was honestly concerned first as none of the local area groups seemed to have heard of you. We followed our instincts and are so glad we did.
Ayla turned out to be a joy and a beauty. People stop us to take pictures and admire her. She has an amazing demeanor, very friendly and loving. She gave Ammar enough love that, believe it or not, changed his life, short as it has been. I did not dream of Ammar, except once where I dreamed of a text message he sent me – talking about the difference she made, the amount of love she gave him and the joy she brought into his life.
Ayla was spayed a month ago. She recovered beautifully within a week. She never needed the cone after surgery.
If for nothing else, I would like to thank you for the support you gave us when we took over Ayla. I know nothing about dogs. The patience with which you answered my questions was unparalleled. After all, we already made our purchase. You could have simply referred us to the vet. But you were there every time I had a question.
Again, we cannot thank you enough.
Rasha A.



Hi there Don,
We just wanted to reach out to you and your family on Thanksgiving. We have had four wonderful golden retrievers, all of whom we have loved equally, but our new puppy Henley is the best behaved puppy we have ever had.
We are feeling very thankful and grateful,
Barb and Ken K.   11/24/2016


Hi Don,
We were recently approached by a neighbor asking if we would be interested in having Molly become a hospice volunteer.   We thought it over and decided to look into the program.
Molly was interviewed yesterday and was quickly accepted into the program.  Frank and I will take a training course this Saturday.  Molly will be assigned a specific hospice resident and we will accompany her on the visits which will amount to 2-4 per month.
Because of her sweet, happy and calm nature Molly is sure to be a wonderful ‘PawPup’ volunteer.  We are all proud of her!
Julie and Frank G. 1/07/2016

Hi Don,
After visiting today, we are so impressed with the dogs and would like to put a deposit down for one of the females. We are very excited and are looking forward to when we can bring “McKinley” home with us. Yes, we even thought of a name for her. We recently traveled to Alaska and our trip into Denali National Park was the inspiration for her name. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit today. 
Kerrie B

Hi Don,
It’s been awhile since I’ve emailed so I thought I’d send a picture of Jake. He’s a great dog…very lovey and absolutely wonderful with the kids. He’s now almost 15 months old. Sits,stays, paw walks well healing, lays down and snuggles with the kids. Loves to chew and fetch and chase leaves when they blow.  He was in your May 5, 2011 liter to refresh your memory and we got him during hurricane Irene last year.  🙂
I hope all is well!
Beth F

Sue and Don –
Thanks for letting us stop by during our recent visit to Lake George. It’s always great to have Gabe (Gabrielle) go back to her roots… it doesn’t seem possible that she’s been with me since December, 2010. What an amazing Christmas present she has been!
Bruce , Southampton, MA

Hi Don,
You may remember last year on Labor Day weekend my husband, Mike, and I travelled from Bayside to meet you when a litter of pups from Bugatti and Lacy, born July 12, 2011, were available for sale. After our visit, we brought home the most adorable puppy that we named Leo.
I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful one- year- old and send a photo.
Leo has grown to be a very handsome and playful boy. We constantly receive comments about his good looks and endearing personality. He is agile, athletic, very sociable, and enjoys playing with every dog he meets. He is very smart, eager to please, responsive to verbal and hand commands, and is gentle to people of all ages. Occasionally he lets us know that he has a mind of his own and acts like the impulsive puppy that he is. Thankfully, he usually reserves his impish behavior for us alone and is quite a comical character.
We’ve regularly attended canine training classes since he was five months old and have made considerable progress to date. We’re working on mastering the 10 behaviors required for the canine good citizen test. If all continues to go well with his training, we hope one day Leo will pass the test to become a therapy dog. We can’t think of a better way to share him with others.
We visit your website often, just to look at the pictures of your wonderful dogs and new litters. We hope that you and your family are well and we wish you continued success.

Hi Don,
It’s me, Julie.
Just wanted to share a little Laney info.  We had to write and tell you what a gift Laney is.  Over the past year, she has become the most wonderful companion.
Laney is probably the most beautiful Golden ever.  Everyone we meet lets us know that.  She is comfortable with all animals and humans, loving and gentle.
When we lost our Shepherd, Ruby, I thought that we would not ever find a more intelligent dog, but Laney has proven to far surpass any expectations we might have had.
She’s quick as a button to understand and simply learns on a one time directive.  We love her dearly .    Thanks again for parting with her.

Hi Don,
Just wanted to give you a little update on Carhartt. He is amazing! Wow! What a great dog.
He was potty trained in weeks, is very smart, walks great on a leash and has such a great personality.
We will definitely refer you to friends and look forward to future litters for ourselves. As he get’s older I think he is a good mix of Bugatti and Keely’s good looks.
When I take him to the vet he is very popular. All the staff comes out to see him and say he is just beautiful. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!
Kristen and Marc J

Here are a few pictures of “Jake” .
He is doing great. Jake enjoys being outside. Never tied up so he has freedom on our farm. Only problem he is a bird dog so the chickens aren’t so safe. LOL
You see him eating ice cubes. Jake has to have one when he hears the sound of ice.
Jake always stands with his head high and tail out straight.
One of the Best dogs we have ever owned.
Mike B

Hi Don:
Just a quick letter from the Preston’s to tell you about Ozzie (from Lacy & Brodie)!
He is doing great!
I’m certain he is growing while we look right at him – it’s that dramatic.
He’s up to about 32lbs.
The vet is super happy with him, not growing too big or getting fat or anything
We are pretty sure he’s got the best disposition in the WORLD.  (And It makes me a little itchy to get a sibling for him!)
He’s potty trained, LOVES a bath (will lay in the tub – flat out like he’s napping), great in his kennel (puts himself to bed at night), but does sneak a nap on the couch while I work.
He is totally snack driven which makes him a star pupil in training class.  He will stand on his head for a beef treat so all the other commands like come, sit, stay, take it, leave it… are no brainers.
Some teeth are loose – his two front adult teeth are coming in right in front  of the baby teeth.  The out-flux of baby teeth is coming soon.  He chews on frozen towels like it’s the best thing ever.
He’s just a wonderful, wonderful pup!!!
Hope his whole litter is equally great in their homes.

Hi Don,
I wanted to send a long overdue update on Baxter. He is just the best dog ever.
He is so intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. He’s such a well behaved dog – he is great in the house and absolutely loves everyone he meets (even the cats- and they like him too!). Everyone in my neighborhood just adores Baxter and always stops to say hi. My vet even said that Baxter was exactly what a golden is supposed to be like. 🙂 I just can’t say enough about how fantastic Baxter is.
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to bring one of your puppies into my family.
Thank you!

Hi Don,
I can’t say enough about our beautiful golden retriever, Gus, from Super Goldens. From the initial emails with Don about the puppies…answering every question I had and supplying pics of the mothers and fathers, to the follow up and advice he gave us once we had our puppy home. Not only is this the best dog we’ve ever had (having had Goldens in the past), Don at Super Goldens is the best breeder out there. It’s very evident when you talk to him, see the beautiful facility they have and meet his dogs.  And his support, doesn’t end after you receive your puppy, he has been there for me with every question I had and gets back to me right away. We still can’t get over how mellow Gus is, and he was a perfect puppy too! I know Gus is this way because of what Don and his family do from day one with the puppies and the quality males and females they have. I would recommend anyone looking for a quality golden to look no further and trust in this breeder…you will not be disappointed.
Amy Heintz, Utica, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Graves:
We just wanted to say thank you so much for our beautiful puppy, which we finally named Lady Wellesley (aka Wellie). We can’t tell you how much we love her, and also how many compliments she gets!  She has the BEST temperament, is great with other dogs/kids/people, calm but loves to play, and is extremely obedient (it’s actually amazing – never had a dog like her before!). We have so much fun walking up the Erie Canal, going to puppy kindergarten, and playing in the yard. We’re up-to-date at the vet, and got 100% on our health check-up.  I still can’t believe that we made a last-minute decision to drive 4 hours and that you let us come over at 11 PM that Friday night to see her, but it was the best decision we have ever made. We hope all is well in Fort Ann, and again, thank you for making our family complete!
Laila, Maxwell, and Wellesley Moore

Hi Don,
Just a very quick note to let you know that our pup (to be named “Helios” which is Greek for SUN and nicknamed “Leo”) is absolutely the most wonderful and essential new addition to our family.
So far he seems to have adapted well to his new home, slept through the night as soon as he arrived with us and is just a joy to have around. His personality and demeanor is exactly what we’d hoped for and every minute in his company is a pleasure. He’s already made significant progress in toileting and we’re optimistic he’ll be a quick study.
Thank you again for your most hospitable reception on Saturday. We also enjoyed meeting Sue and appreciate the care, love, and dedication that you both show in the breeding of your fine dogs.
With grateful appreciation,

Hi Don,
On this Labor Day 2011, I wanted to recognize your labor of bringing such precious pups into the world!  And, to let you know how much I appreciate your help in connecting me to Gracee.  Our relationship to each other seems to grow sweeter and deeper with each passing day, especially as I gain experience and confidence in being her leader.
Gracee is bringing such an amazing healing presence to our family.  Recently she took the trip with me, my daughter and grandchildren to Nags Head, NC.  She now jumps into the car independently… encouragement from the family was the best motivator!  She loved the ocean!  She was great with the kids…ages 7 and 3.  She makes us smile and laugh in the midst of our sorrow.
I am learning so much through her…everyday…and she seems so forgiving of my mistakes in the process.  She seems trained to the Invisible Fence now.  I am simply bursting with joy to see her pleasure in running in and out of the house at her inclination.
Again, I thank you for your labor and what you bring to people like myself.

Just wanted to let you know, Maggie is doing great.  She is adjusting well, and is VERY popular.  I gave your card to my Vet’s office.  They are always looking for Golden Breeders and were very impressed with the packet you gave me.  Thanks for everything, I will keep you posted on anything interesting!

We just passed the 1 year anniversary that we brought Brisco home.  He is a fantastic dog!  He has never left my side since the day we pulled out of your driveway.  He misses us every time we leave the house so he pools all our shoes together and lays on them till we get home.  Everybody raves about his personality and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Anybody we know looking for a Golden Retriever we don’t hesitate to recommend you.  Hope all is well.  Enjoy the summer.
Joe and Val

I know I haven’t written in a while, but wanted to update you on Hank.  I think of you often because we just love him so.  Today we are going to Lake George–he went with us in May and went right in the Lake and swam and swam and swam.
He is 8 months old now and is 85 pounds of sheer love and sweetness.  He is ALL retriever–NEVER gets tired of chasing anything and bringing it back!!
So, he has now been on about 10 visits to my “kid” clients–they are all under 18 and some have autism and Augsburg’s syndrome, etc.  They are all products of abuse, neglect or custody fights.  Hank is a “natural” therapy dog.  He is sweet and gentle with everyone of them and let’s them pull his tail and ears.

I just can’t say enough how happy we are with Hank.  I hope he lives forever.  But,  if he doesn’t, or if John relents, we will be right back for another!!

Hi Don,
I took Gracee to be evaluated for one day a week day care so she can have time being around other dogs.  I just wanted to share the reactions of the evaluator with you!
She saw that Gracee was well socialized to people and dogs.  She sensed that Gracee must have spent a lot of time with her litter.  And, she spontaneously mentioned that she already saw Gracee showing signs of becoming a great therapy dog…which as I may have mentioned to you earlier, I would love that to be a possibility.  Other folks at the day care met her and also responded so positively to her.
The evaluator mentioned that if all your dogs had such great temperaments she would like to keep your name in mind.  So I told her about you and your place and your website.  With such great feedback, all unsolicited, by someone who is knowledgeable about dogs, I just wanted to share this with you!
I imagine this kind of feedback is not new to you, but I wanted to share with you what reactions folks are having to Gracee.  My daughters and grandkids are coming this weekend to meet Gracee for the first time…everyone is very excited!
Regards to you and all your beautiful pups,

Hi Don,
You might get sick and tired of all my e-mails about Lucy but we are terribly smitten with her.  She continues to be just wonderful and keeps us in stitches as she goes scuba diving in her water dish.  She is very mellow but playful and has learned to fetch, sit, wait at the top of the stairs and with me when we walk.  She knows many words like snack, do you want to go down stairs and watch TV, do you want to go for a walk, do you want to go to the dump, the bank (associated with biscuits of course).  She loves people and other dogs.  The next thing we have to work on is leaving her behind which we have never done.  This will be a challenge!  We can’t thank you enough for such wonderful dogs that you breed.  We have even thought of getting another but it’s really a fantasy.  It’s fun thinking about it though.  The thing with a fantasy is that you forget the hard work, especially in the beginning. 
Best wishes and good luck.
Sandy and Joe

Hi there Don,
Just wanted to let you know that Hank continues to be fantastic.  He loves it here and we so love him.  He is now a little over 30 pounds and the vet says he is a  GREAT dog. He was the star of Puppy Kindergarten.  The teacher uses a luring method of learning “sit”, “paw up” and “down”.  No words or gestures are used, just a hand full of treats on their nose.  After two puppies did not do it for the class, she called Hank up and he got it on the first try.  So smart!!!  We go to words and gestures later.  The doggy daycare is using him as a model for the CD they are making–“Watch Your Dog Grow With Us–first year”.  They took his picture in the bubble bath and it was darling.  I talk Hank up wherever I go and show his pictures to everyone.
Thank you and take care!!!
Buffalo, NY

Hi Don.
We just want to thank you for Bailey. He is such a  wonderful, calm and loving dog. Your advice on housebreaking has  worked perfectly. He has not had one accident in the house in the  week that we’ve had him. He also sleeps through the night. He is so caring and patient with our 2 1/2 and 5 year old daughters.  They absolutely adore him and it’s easy to see that the feeling is  mutual. Everyone who has met him so far is amazed by him. No one has ever  seen such a calm and well behaved puppy. We could not be happier with Bailey and with our decision to buy from  you.
The Krasniqi Family, Ballston Spa, NY

Hi Don!
I don’t know if you remember me; my name is Bridget , my father and I bought a puppy from you two years ago. I just wanted to send you some pictures of him. His name is Ned and he is an absolutely fantastic dog! He has a gorgeous head and beautiful hair coat. He is an amazing retriever and such a love! He has turned out to be a very handsome and intelligent dog. We will be having his hips certified this summer and hopefully a litter with one of our females in the fall. We can’t wait to see how the pups turn out. Thank you very much for providing such a fantastic dog for us!
Bridget – Mattapoisett, MA

Hi Don,
I bought 2 puppies from you back in 2005 – their names are Maddie and Gwen. We LOVE them, they really are the best dogs, more like my children. They have the best temperament – very friendly, loyal and my dogs LOVE little children. They have an unbelievable sense because when my Grandma is around (she is 93) they are very calm around her and tend to just rest their head on her lap. When I have them outside on my lawn, they usually bark if someone they don’t know comes onto our property and will run up to them to play, but one day a family who lives down the street walked by our house with their 3 year old who has down syndrome, Maddie and Gwen walked right up to the little girl and licked her, never barked once and then sat down next to her. Goldens are truly amazing and have an unbelievable sense, it was almost as though they knew she had a disability. They are great with other dogs as well. I also have a mini dachshund and they love to play with her, but sometimes they forgot how little she is, she is only 9 pounds. We’ve had no problems health wise.
I would without a doubt recommend buying one of your puppies.  I actually am hoping to buy 2 again at the same time in a year or 2 from you !
Some people think I’m a bit crazy because I treat them like they are my children. But, I just love them so much. My vet told me they are also such great dogs because they were born in a home and raised their first 8 weeks in a loving environment.
Thanks for such great dogs !
Westchester, NY

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at
or by phone at 518-307-6970    7:00am – 10:00pm E.S.T.
Don Graves
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